Fall is just around the corner. Following is a non-exhaustive list of the tasks that can easily be performed. With these easy steps, your clients will enjoy the comforts of home all season long and know that they’re protecting their investment, too.
· The grading around the house is very important. Make sure that there is nothing around the house that can block the flow of water away from home.
· Caulk around exterior doors and window frames is very important for a tight seal. Look for gaps where pipes or wiring enter the home and caulk those as well to protect from water, insects and mice.
· Look for any loose object in the backyard, balcony, porch and deck and secure them properly. Make sure that the outdoor storage sheds are stable and properly locked.

· Check the roof for missing or damaged shingles. Water, wind, ice and snow can cause serious damage to a vulnerable roof, leading to a greater chance of further damage inside the home.

· Clear gutters from leaves, sticks, and other debris. If the home is surrounded by trees, this may need to be done more than once during the season.

· In cold-weather climates, drain garden hoses and store indoors to protect them from the harsh winter elements.

· For homes with well and septic systems, fall is the best season to do the maintenance. Get the septic system pumped if it hasn't been done in last two years.

· Have the furnace inspected to ensure that it’s safe and in good working order. Replace disposable furnace air filters or clean the permanent type filters.

· Make sure that your ducting system is clean and the vents for exhaust fans (kitchen and bath) and dryer are not clogged.

· A wood-burning fireplace can be a real pleasure on a chilly fall evening. For safety, have the firebox and chimney professionally cleaned before use this season.

Premium Home Inspection is always committed to the health & safety and well-being of our clients. This is especially true during this unprecedented time of Covid-19 and Realtor Safety Month. We remain committed to providing the highest quality home inspection services while adhering to the strict safety and cleanliness guidelines.

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