💳6 Ways To Bring Up Money In A Relationship... Even If You've Just Started Dating

As mentioned before, 46% of divorces are caused by issues relating to money. Starting an open, honest conversation about money, in the beginning, can go a long way towards building a strong foundation for your relationship.

But money isn't an easy topic...

Here are 6 ways you can broach the subject with your significant other:

1.   Talk about financials early on. Don't wait until you're married to have that conversation. Money is something you should discuss before marriage.
2.   Take baby steps. You don't need to sit down and get it out all at once. Start small like, "I have x school debt. Do you have any?"
3.   Use the 'What if...' statement. For example: "What if you inherited $10,000, what would you do?" Doing this is a great way to get insights into how someone handles money.
4.   Start the conversation by sharing a money goal.
5.   Ask about their upbringing - focus on how money was handled in their home.
6.   Start the conversation with something you read or saw concerning personal finances.

📚 Additional Resources

1.    Whether you're already married or just dating, watch this video of 5 money questions to ask your partner. Having this conversation fosters trust and transparency can help build a strong relationship.
2.    In this video by Ann Wilson, the Wealth Chef, Ann talks about wealth and relationships - how having an empowered relationship with money, increases intimacy.
3.    Watch out for these 6 financial pitfalls commonly found in a marriage that can

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