Domandi - Do

Life Manual…Domandi
Do I really need to do this?
Do I really believe this?
Do I feel overjoyed?
Do I feel excited and challenged?
Do I truly understand?
Do I really want to grow?
Do I want to do it?
Do you admire and respect what you have done in your life?
Do people want to be like you?
Do I have a business that is worthy of receiving referrals?
Do you know what your prospect needs are?
Do you know what marketing message is missing that could easily make your service more desirable, more appealing, adn even harder for people to say "No"- than "Yes"?
As I live my days, do I curse the darkness or am I person that lights the candle?
At work, do I play victim or victor?
Do I let things get too personal?
Do the people around me honour their word?
Do I honour my word?
Do I really know what I want
Do I really want what I believe I do
Do you know what your prospect needs are?
Do you believe it because it is true or is it true because you believe it
Does investing in yourself come before success or does success come before investing in you?
Does your peace evaporate during the heat of adversity
Do you mind if I share an observation with you
Do you want to speak to my heart about something Lord?
Do you want to make a point or do you want to make a difference
Do I rejoice always
Do I constantly pray
Do you look with lust or genuine love
Do you look at who they are or who they can be
Do people hear you speak above what you say
Do you focus mostly on the past the present or the future
Do you focus on what you have or what is missing
Do I really believe I can bring this to a whole new level
Do I really believe I am able to make this happen
Does this factor in to your decision?
Do you have any advice You May share about finding fulfilling work and how to succeed in a career
Do you want us to comfort them or correct them ever
Do they Buy in to what you are trying to build and why
Does my family see Christ in me
Does the Word of God Supply this
Does the Word of God allow this
Does this fit who you are as a child of God
Does that provide clarity
Do I have the pleasure to speak with
Do my online reviews match my sources of Business
Does my Marketing match my image and what and who I represent
Do my Marketing Materials Match the person I am speaking with
Does my image match my ideal clientele
Do you have a stronger desire to share your faith than you used to
Do you have a deeper hunger to know the Word of God than you used to
Do you feel more confident when you go to God in prayer than you used to
Do you love God more than you used to
Do you have more of a sense of loyalty to the 10 commandments than you used to
Does your why bring tears to your face
Do you spend your money like a Believer
Do you invest your money like a Believer
Do you work harder at your image or your integrity
Do you make decisions based on how they benefit you or others
Does your conduct fit who you claim to be
Does this action fit who I am as a follower of Jesus Christ
Does fear keep me from doing what I know God wants me to do in my life
Do I violate My conscience
Do you believe Jesus Christ died a sacrificial atoning death
Do you believe there is a Heaven and a Hell
Do you believe there will be a judgement
Do you believe Jesus Christ will come again
Do you believe in the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ
Do you believe Jesus Christ is Virgin Born
Do you believe Jesus Christ is God
Do you believe the Holy Bible is without error
Do I belong to a local body of Believers
Do they see the difference in your life
Do you ever deliberately willfully and personally explain to someone else how to come to Jesus Christ
Do you stick to your objectives or are you prone to giving up easily
Do you have a Spirit That is teachable
Do you really want to do this
Do you want a service bases system with clients or a system based Business with customers
Do you have change makers
Do the People in your organization understand metrics and standards
Do you seek the Lord earnestly and pursue Him throughout your day
Do you long for God as King David did
Do you need God's awe inspiring intervention right now
Do you know God or do you know about Him
Do people see the Spirit of God in you without you speaking about it
Does every member of your organization understand what winning and losing is for that day
Do you live by principle or preference
Do you know them OR do you know something about them
Do you say speak Lord thy servant is listening OR listen Lord thy servant is speaking