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Life Manual…Domandi

If I can only do one thing all day long, what's most important to achieving the goal?
If I can do two things, three things?
If I could do better - should I?
If a teenager asked for your finest advice on life success what would you tell them?
If I could have 5 famous friends, who would they be and why?
If your marketing and selling activities are not converting readers into new, serious, and qualified leads, do you know what should be done to correct that?
If my life stood for one word - what would that word be?
If there was one thing I could change in my life to lift it to its highest level, what would that one thing be?
If I had 30 days left to live what would I do?
If I could be anything at all who would I be, what would I be, where would I be, how would I be, when would I be?
If today was my last day what would I do?
If today was a day off did I rest or was I restless?
If I continue to live, perform and think as I presently do will I be happy in life?
If I could live my life over again what new things would I do?
If I could have only 3 lines written on my tombstone what would that say?
If your marketing and selling activities are not converting readers into new, serious, and qualified leads, do you know what should be done to correct that?
If not, do you know what your marketing message is missing that could easily make your service more desirable, more appealing and even harder for people to say "No" - than "YES"?
If today was my last day - What would I do? Who would I be? What do I want people to remember about me?
If you had one piece of advice for someone who is trying to get ahead, what would you tell them to do?
If the only thing someone else knows about God is what they see demonstrated in your daily life what do they ever discover about the God who created this world?
If I were a fly on the wall what would I see when
If there was one area you wish they'd improve on what would that be
If you hadn't called me what would you have done on your own
If you could free up your time and not cut off your productivity would that be fascinating to and for you
If a Young person asked you. What have you learned in your 80 years walking this earth. What would you tell him or her
If you had to write on one sheet of paper in the middle of that sheet of paper one word which is the area of your life that most concerns you what would the word be on the middle of that paper in big capital letters
If I keep thinking these thoughts where will they lead me
If future you could ask just One question to present you what would it be
If I was willing to promote you to my database would you be willing to promote me to yours
If we were having this discussion 3 years from today. Looking back over the last 3 years what has to have happened in your life professionally and personally for you to feel happy with your progress
If we lost all of our clients tomorrow would I still be doing this
If these were the last words I ever spoke to this person is this what I would want them to be
If you are unhappy with your Pace of implementation what do you plan to do about it
If you really love someone does it make a difference who's fault it really was
If I could ask you any one question what do you think it should be
If God be for me then who can be against me
If I shared something unbelievable with you would you believe me
If we can't keep our commitments with ourselves what makes us deserving of the opportunity to keep our commitments with others
If I don't do this what will happen
If God delights in meeting your needs why is He not