Domandi - Where

Life Manual…Domandi

Where do I (or my business) want to be in five years?
Where can I get that for less?
Where can I decrease expenditures?
Where are we in alignment?
Where would your business be today if all of your past customers were present advocates?
Where has my business been?
Where do I want it to go?
Where am I going?
Where can I do well today?
Where do I see myself in 2, 3 and 5 years?
Where am I focusing my time and energy?
Where have I succeeded this week?
Where have I disappointed this week?
Where would you start if you had to begin again
Where did you rank the last time you were on a sales team
Where will this take me
Where do you integrally want to go
Where are you right now with complete honesty
Where do you see the biggest opportunity for growth in your life right now
Where is the area of least compromise
Where is the hole in my boat