Domandi - Will

Life Manual... Domandi

Will you trust God enough to bond the reins over completely to him?
Will this help us to keep customers?
Will my reaction elevate the estimation good people have of me
Will my reaction draw my opponents further away or closer to me
Will I allow My suffering to tear down My faith or build it up
Will you choose work or worship
Will these thoughts bring me to where I want to go
Will this lead me closer to Christ
Will this lead me in to a Holy life
Will this lead me to a life of obedience
Will this lead me to a life of joy, peace and contentment
Will this strengthen my relationship to Christ
Lord. Will you please show me who I am from your perspective
Will this decision honor God
Will this stand up to the scrutiny of Scripture?
Will this draw me closer to the Lord or draw me further away from Him
Will your wonders me made known in the darkness
Will your loving-kindness be declared in the grave