Financial Friday #140: The Best Webinars of 2022!

Our Top 5 Webinars of 2022 to Improve your 2023 Financial Life
One of the most common questions from our live webinars is, "Is this session being recorded?". We encourage everyone to attend live because we want people to learn and then take action, and a live presentation is a 1000 times more powerful when it comes to impact, motivation and action. However, videos are available for the asking — in fact, if you register for a webinar and are unable to attend, you will receive an email with a video link a few hours after the session ends.  
The holidays are here and while we hope you spend the majority of your downtime kicking back and enjoying the season, we realize that it is also a time for thinking about the year ahead. If you do find yourself with some time over the holidays and want to get a head start of some financial resolutions, here are the links to 5 of our best webinars from the last year.
Creating an Inflation Busting Budget
This webinar was very popular for good reason – learning how to track your expenses and keep your spending under control is critical regardless of how much income you have coming in. Inflation and higher interest rates combined to make 2022 an extremely tough year on the household budget and it looks like more of the same in 2023. Our Head of Financial Coaching and expense manager extraordinaire Alanna Abramsky shows you how to keep spending under control and get on track for a huge improvement in your financial life.
Live Chat with Author Andrew Hallam
Andrew Hallam is one of Canada's best-known and well-respected personal financial gurus and an acclaimed speaker. His book, Millionaire Teacher: The Nine Rules of Wealth You Should Have Learned in School has become a self-help investing and money management bible for thousands of everyday Canadians. Andrew joined us live to share some of his tried & true financial advice as well as his thoughts on how to find a balance between chasing financial success and life satisfaction. A very uplifting session!
How to Raise Money Smart Kids
Good financial habits are easily formed at a young age, so it’s no wonder that so many of you turned up to hear Enriched Academy Co-founder Kevin Cochran talk about teaching good money habits to your tweens and teens. Kevin talks about teaching your kids to save and making smart spending decisions. He also clearly demonstrates the importance of getting started early and how you can help your kids get motivated and set up to start investing today!
Mastering Credit
If you are in the dark about your credit score and want to know where it comes from, what goes into it, and most importantly, what makes it go up and down, this is the session for you! Our Head of Coaching Alanna Abramsky spells it out clear as day and also dives into good debt vs bad debt and takes a close-up look at the facts of credit card and other forms of debt. This one will definitely help keep that holiday credit card spend under control!
The Need-to-Know Facts for Creating Your Will
We have a great team at Enriched Academy with a huge storehouse of knowledge, but there are some specialized subjects where we call for reinforcements — and wills tops the list. Erin Bury is the founder of Willfull and she joined us back in June to explain why every adult should have a will, the issues and considerations for making your will, and the options for actually getting one drawn up. More than half of adult Canadians don’t have a will, but it’s not as difficult or costly as you think and something that should top your 2023 "to do" list.


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