In this blog, we will discuss pro-active actions that home sellers can take to avoid any surprises that can potentially jeopardize the sale of your home.

Selling your home is not exactly a walk in the park, there are many moving parts, and some of those parts can be more challenging than others. Home inspections, in particular, tend to play a crucial role in the transaction process and can be challenging for both the home seller and buyer if you are not well prepared.

To understand this process better let us dig in on why or when Home Inspections are needed.

Why Home Inspections Necessary?

Although home inspections are not always required many home buyers and home sellers opt-in to get them done to have full disclosure of the home. It’s especially crucial to the buyer as they want to avoid major surprises that may cost them more money down the line.

As for the homeowners they may wish to have an inspection done before putting their home on the market if they feel that there may be some issues with the home that could hinder the sale of the home.

Who Pays For The Home Inspection?

Typically the home buyer will pay for the home inspection as the outcome of the home inspection will have a greater burden on the buyer if they choose to proceed with the sale.
Some homeowners may choose to pay for the home inspection to get ahead of any deterrents to potential home buyers.
However, not all buyers will accept an inspection done by the homeowner and will choose to have their own home inspection done. Many experts will also advise buyers to select a trusted inspector that has no ties to either the homeowner or agent.

If you have decided to sell your home, the best thing you can do is get ahead of any issues that your home may have, fixing them or disclosing them ahead can make the home inspection easier for the inspector and the sale transaction a much smoother process.

How To Prepare For The Home Inspection

1. Turn on all pilots lights, fireplaces and furnaces, to make sure the inspector can properly check all appliances.

2. Roofs and Attics –  It may be hard to see on top of your roof, but if you do see any damaged, broken tiles or build up of such as dirt or leaves on your roof it might be a good idea to get them replaced or cleaned up prior to the inspection. As for the attic make sure it’s tidy and easy to access for the inspector.

3. Windows and Doors –  Often come up in the home inspection report and can potentially cost you a lot of money. To avoid surprises dust, clean and inspect all windows and doors to make sure they can open and close properly. If you run into any cracks or mold make sure to contact your local window company to check out the issues. Many times your expert window and door guys can suggest some less expensive options to fix the problems, than the home inspector. 

4. Pools- make sure it’s clean, and the lights are working. Pay attention to see if the pool motor is making any strange noises. If you do find some issues have your pool guy come out and check it out before the inspection.

5. A/C – Make sure your AC is working correctly if you are unsure or have not had it serviced in a while the best thing to do is to get it serviced and leave the receipt out for the inspector to see.

6. Water Heater – Make sure to check your water heater for any leaks or rust.

7. Faucets and Under Sink Pipes – Check under sinks for leaks, as these small, easy fixes are something that could potentially be fixed even before the inspection

8. Smoke Alarms – Always make sure it’s working correctly and that the batteries are still good.

9. Remove any items that can obstruct access to all critical areas that the inspector will need access to and make sure to leave the keys available if any are necessary to access such places.

For any further home inspection questions, we highly suggest contacting a trusted home inspector. If you are interested in selling or buying a home give Mario Daniel Sconza & Partners a call, we are happy to answer any real estate questions you may have.Call Mario Daniel Sconza Today 416 230 3476