1. Why am I not accumulating more personal wealth?
  2. How much is my total debt and what am I doing about it?
  3. How much money am I actually really earning monthly? Gross
  4. What are my actual expenses monthly including what I set aside for taxes?
  5. How much does it take to maintain the lifestyle I want as opposed to what I have?
  6. How much $ should I be putting away monthly in terms of savings or retirement?
  7. How much am I actually putting away monthly?
  8. What types of retirement programs do I have set up and am I funding them properly?
  9. Am I worthy of it?


How do I become a millionaire?
Rule #1 - Cut the cord

How  do I become a millionaire?
  1. Become an out of debt-aire
  2. Get rid of all junk debt first. Always pay it off A.S.A.P.
  3. Stop everything that you’re doing financially for 30 days and think about what you have to do to solve the problem.

90% of being wealthy is mental.


“We can’t seem to do well with it but we do even worse without it.”

“We can’t live on past performance.”

“The past does not have to dictate your future.”

“We will only get $ when we do something outstanding.”

  1. Remember - It’s all mental - see and understand in your mind that it is o.k to be wealthy.
  2. Create enough income or profit so you can save or invest 25%.
-This doesn’t mean today - you’re talking about a long term plan
  1. You can’t buy a name of a track record to create wealth.
  1. You have to invest heavily in yourself to keep yourself growing.
  1. For me to be wealthy - I have to be willing to take calculated risks. You have to be willing to work.
Don’t risk any more than you are willing to pay.
  1. How much wealth do you want?
  1. Spend time with people who have already done it.
  1. Have professional people critique what you are trying to do.
  1. Really develop a lot of discipline.
  1. Exercise daily discipline in your spending. Be cheap - where do you blow all your $? What is stopping me from becoming wealthy?

For me - there are 5 things that will stop me from becoming wealthy
  1. I don’t spend enough time thinking about it.
  2. My up-bringing.
  3. My age.
  4. When I have no goals.
  5. If I let my environment get in the way.

  1. Have a regular job is good.
  2. Saving a lot of cash is wise - we need to put it into something that will cause it to grow.
  3. Having a lot of debt is bad - nonsense debt is bad.
  4. Security is good.
  5. Failure is bad.
  6. Wealth is measured in material possessions.
  7. The government as an employee is good.
  8. Paying taxes is the rent you pay for living in this country so pay them.
  9. Acquiring wealth is always a win/win situation.
  10. It takes a lot of $ to make a lot of $.

  1. I am a business.
  2. Always want to work to list & sell more property but never spend at the rate you’re earning. Don’t spend 5% more than you are earning.
  3. Always hire high quality people to assist you.
  4. Don’t purchase things based on your listing inventory. Don’t spend more than you are earning at the moment.
  5. If it costs more than you have at the time or you have the ability to earn soon - don’t do it.
  6. Don’t buy things impulsively or emotionally.
  7. If you’re going to change it - be careful.
  8. Keep 3-6 month cash in reserve.
  9. Follow the 10-30-10 rule.
10% - Savings
30% - Taxes
10% - Reserve
50% - Live on
  1. Purchase things that do 1 of 2 things - either go up in value or maintain it.
  1. Create a budget and try to follow it..

  1. Don’t count your money until it passes through the strainer of taxes.
  2. Try to make maximum use of your assets.
  3. Sacrifice now for later. A little everyday.
  4. Choose investments that are powerful and stable. Don’t go into things that you know nothing about.
  5. Try to maintain constant control of your own $ otherwise you can become cashless.