Spiritual Success

                                                                                                                           Mannatech – ‘The Company”

  1. Mannatech, founded in 1994 and based Dallas (Coppell0029 TX is a publicly traded Global Wellness Solutions Company. Mannatech is virtually debt free and is headquartered in a 175,000 square foot facility. Mannatech markets an exclusive product line using network marketing as its form of distribution and has a publicly filed a commitment to distribute their products only through its independent associates. The accumulated sales have now reached over 1 Billion dollars with commission payouts to associates of over ½ Billion.

  2. Mannatech has taken the lead in the field of Glycobiology by filing worldwide patents on what researches are labelling as a “New Class of Nutrition”. Just as there are essential proteins called amino acids and essential fats called fatty acids, there is also a group of 8 very specific necessary carbohydrates called glyconutrients. Over 23 patents, worldwide are issued or pending on Ambrotose, Mannatech’s award winning complex of glyconutritionals. You don’t get patents without credible science. They have already been issued for: South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Spain, United Kingdom, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mexico.

  3. The Royal Society of Medicine in London, England is the most respected medical research organization on planet. Because of the excitement in the scientific community worldwide about the new discovery in Glycobiology of the 8 biologically active sugars & tremendous potential in human health, they found that a company in TX had filed multiple patents, world wide and were impressed. They invited Mannatech’s medical director to present the science behind our products to their researchers. They had never invited representative of a nutritional network marketing company to do this before. After the presentation, Dr. John Axford, President of the Royal Society of Medicine, Section of Clinical Immunology and Allergy was so impressed with what he saw and heard he did his due diligence and joined Mannatech’s Board of Directors. To share in the research they then invited Mannatech’s medical director, Dr Stephen Boyd to become Member of the Royal Society of Medicine which he did.

  4. The AMA (American Medical Association) sanctions a 6 hour Gluconutritional CME (Continuing Medical Education) course for Medical Practitioners to learn about the technology of Glyconutrient. Mannatech is the only network marketing company to have a CME course on its technology to train doctors and health care professionals.

  5. MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) a prestigious university whose primary focus is on science and academics puts out an annual Technology Review magazine. The cover of the 1993 issue read “10 Emerging technologies that WILL change the world” which included Glycomics – the study of how biologically active sugar code is used to enable cells to express themselves.

  6. In December 2003, representatives from Mannatech were asked to present material before 8 th Annual World Congress on Medicine and the Internet, sponsored by United Nations and held in Geneva. Not only were they the only network marketing company that was there, but they were the only nutritional company in the world that was asked to present material. All the others were pharmaceutical or medical companies.

  7. Sam Caster, Mannatech’s CEO and Chairman of the Board was chosen to serve on National Board of the US Council for Responsible Nutrition. This council supports and creates regulations for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards to assure the consumer of quality and purity in the nutritional supplementary industry.

  8. Mannatech products are manufactured to GMP, which guarantees standardization and stabilization of all of their products. The February 22 1999 issue of the Tan Sheet, Vol 7 #8, one of America’s most informed publications on non-prescription pharmaceuticals and nutritionals, reported that in a study conducted at UC-Irvine of 196 supplement products assayed for toxicity, potential drug introductions, antiviral action, immune system enhancements and anti-oxidant activity only garlic, aloe and three multiple-ingredient supplements containing glyconutrients were found to be both nontoxic and have a significant impact on the three efficacy measurements – antiviral, immune system and antioxidant activity. The three glyconutrient products referred to in this study are all products containing a patented ingredient manufactured and distributed by Mannatech.


This poem celebrates our uniqueness and individuality, and recognized that people do not all possess the same abilities and capabilities.

He brought me his report card,
From the teacher and he said
He wasn’t very proud of it,
And sadly bowed his head.
He was ‘excellent’ in Reading,
And Arithmetic was ‘fair’
But I noticed there were several
‘Unsatisfactories’ there.
But one little bit of credit
That was given brought me joy,
He was ‘excellent’ in EFFORT,
And I fairly hugged the boy.

“Oh, it doesn’t make much difference
What is written on you card.”
I told the little fellow,
“If you’re really working hard,
The ‘very goods’ and ‘excellents’
Are fine I must agree,
But the effort you are making
Means a whole lot more to me.
And the thing that’s most important
When this card is put aside,
Is to know, in spite of all,
That you’ve done, the best you could,
And you’ve really, really tried.”

“Just keep ‘excellent’ in effort
And the rest will come to you.
The things you’re not too good at,
Some day you’ll learn to do.
And at last when you grow older,
You will come to understand
That by hard and patient toiling,
People have risen to command.
And some day you’ll discover,
When a great goal’s at stake,
That better far than brilliance
Is the EFFORT you will make.”


The Christian lives day by day by the grace of God.

Paul encourages Christians to “continue in the grace of God” (Acts 13:43).

We progressively “grow in grace” (II Peter 3:18) as we continue to allow God’s grace activity to function in our behavior.

God’s grace is the basis of our Christian identity:

“I am what I am by the grace of God” (I Cor. 15:10).

God’s grace is the basis of our behavior:

“in the grace of God we have conducted ourselves in the world” (II Cor. 1:12).

God’s grace is the basis of our living:

by the “abundance of grace we reign in life through Jesus Christ” (Rom. 5:17) by the “grace of life” (I Peter 3:7).

God’s grace is the basis of righteousness expressed in our behavior:

“grace might reign through righteousness” (Rom. 5:21).

Mother of Mercy Center Mission Statement

Mother of Mercy Center was established in 1989 as a Retreat-Renewal Center to assist people in the development of their Christian Faith. It is a place for people to come together to pray, be educated and to receive counseling regarding their Faith.

The motto of Mother of Mercy Center is:

Prayer-Work-Service – “that We may all be One” (John 17).

Mother of Mercy Farm is there for families to meet and be supportive of one another in developing Judeo-Christian values of family life.

It is a place for youth to come together to pray, study, work and recreate, in order to develop Christian life-skills: human relations, management, leadership and communication skills – that will assist them in a positive way to contribute to their local and world communities.

It is a place to assist the marginalized people of our world society and introduce them to a caring environment.

Mother of Mercy Center is a place to develop ecumenical relationships with all Christian denominations – “that We may all be One” – and to foster ongoing dialogue with non-Christian religions, in order to develop a deeper understanding of human and Divine values, especially for Peace and world Justice.

It is our vision to develop relationships that will help bring the principles of True Christian Humanism to our governments, global countries and communities.

The Mother of Mercy facility includes lecture rooms, a library, two chapels, and recreational areas to engage in sports and nature activities. We are interested in the development of the whole person in mind, body and soul by promoting educational and spiritual activities.

We will continue to actively co-operate with Church, School and Government agencies to assist in educational Faith development.

For the greater Honour and Glory of God – that We may all be One.

The Values of Suffering
When God permits suffering it is for our betterment.

An ounce of crosses is worth more than a thousand pounds of prayer, a day of crucifixion is more valuable than one hundred years of all other holy exercises. It is more value to stay one moment on the cross than to enjoy all the delights of paradise.
-Venerable Sr. M. Victoria Angelini

If God were to grant you the gift of raising the dead, He would be giving you much less than when He permits you to suffer. In fact, with the gift of miracles He makes you His debtor, but with sufferings He makes Himself your debtor. And if your sufferings should not be rewarded in any other way but to be able to suffer a little for that God Who loves you, would not this be a sufficiently great recompense in itself? He who loves understands what I mean.
-St. John Chrysostom

When Blessed Angela of Foligno was asked how she could accept and suffer so happily all the trials that befell her, she replied, “Believe me when I say that the value and greatness of suffering is not known. If we understood it well, we would try our utmost to steal from one another the occasions of suffering.”

A “thanks be to God”, a “blessed be God”, said in times of adversity have more value than a thousand “thank you’s” in times of prosperity.
-Father M. de Avila

To have everything go along smoothly, according to one’s desires and without having anything to suffer for the love of God should be considered a great misfortune not only for individuals, but also for the Congregations as a whole. Yes, you may be certain that a person or Congregation that does not suffer and is praised by the whole world if heading for a fall!
-St. Vincent de Paul

While ill and suffering severely, St. Francis was told by one of his religious that he should ask God for some relief. But the saint reprimanded him and, bowing his head, said: “O God, I thank you for this trial which I am undergoing and I beg You, if it pleases You, to increase my pains. What could and should be more pleasing to me than that You afflict me, when this is what I desire above everything else?”

Padre Pio de Pietrelcina wrote to a spiritual daughter: “Suffering is my daily bread, my delight. I suffer when I do not suffer if there is some instant in my life without suffering. Crosses are the jewels of the Spouse and I am jealous of them. Woe to whoever puts himself between me and the cross!”

In order to get to heaven, we must suffer. Our Lord shows us the way in the person of Simon the Cyrenian; He calls His friends to carry His cross after Him.
-St. John Vianney

Bodily and spiritual affliction are the surest sign of Divine predilection. Gratitude for suffering is a precious jewel for our heavenly crown … Man should always firmly believe that God sends just that trial which is most beneficial for him.
-Saint Gertrude the Great

The sick sometimes complain that in sickness they can do nothing; but they err; for, in their infirmities they can do all things, by accepting their sufferings with peace and resignation.
-St. Alphonsus Liguori

We must ask for the love of crosses; then they will become sweet.
-St. John Vianney

St. John Vianney relates a story where a good religious complained one day to Our Lord that he was being persecuted. He said, “O Lord, what have I done to be treated thus?” Our Lord answered him, “And I, what have I done when I was led to Calvary?” Then the religious understood; he wept, he asked pardon and dared not complain anymore.

We must remember that all incapacity and distress is sent to us by God. Life and death, health and sickness, are all ordered by Him; and in whatever form they come, it is always to help us and for our good.
-St. Vincent de Paul

You ought to thank God when He chastisements are a proof that He loves you, and receives you into the number of His children. “Whoever the Lord loves,” says St. Paul, “ He chastises, and He scourges every son whom He receives.” (Heb. 12:6)
-St. Alphonsus Liguori

When St. Francis and St. Andrew Avellino passed a day without suffering something for the love of God, they felt that God has forgotten them and had abandoned them.

Suffering is the very best gift He has to give us. He gives it only to His chosen friends.
-St. Thérèse of Lisieux

Suffering is not a punishment, not a fruit of sin, it is a gift of God. He allows us to share in His suffering and to make up for the sins of the world.
-Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Suffering is the money with which one buys heaven.
-Blessed Théophane Vénard

Can you expect to go to heaven for nothing? Did not our dear Saviour track the whole way to it with His blood and tears?
-Blessed Elizabeth Seton

The Saints suffered everything with joy, patience, and perseverance, because they loved. As for us, we suffer with anger, vexation, and weariness, because we do not love. If we loved God, we should love crosses, we should wish for them, we should take pleasure in them … We should be happy to be able to suffer for the love of Him who lovingly suffered for us.
-St. John Vianney

We must suffer in order to go to God. We forget this truth far too often.
-St. Madeleine Sophie Barat

Nothing is more pleasing to God, or more profitable for you, than to suffer gladly for Christ … Had there been a better way than suffering for the good of a person’s soul, our Lord would certainly have shown it by word and example. But since there was not, He clearly urged his disciples and all those who wished to follow Him to carry the cross, saying: “Whoever wishes to be My follower must deny his very self, take up his cross each day, and follow in My steps.” (Luke 9:3)
-Thomas a Kempis

If God causes you to suffer much, it is a sign that He has great designs for you, and that He certainly intends to make you a Saint. And if you wish to become a great Saint, entreat Him yourself to give you much opportunity for suffering; for there is no wood better to kindle the fire of holy love than the wood of the cross, which Christ used for His own sacrifice of boundless charity.
-St. Ignatius Loyola

The Christian will be sure to make enemies. It will be one of his objects to make none; but if doing what is right and believing what is true should cause him to lose every earthly friend, he will regard it as a small loss, since his great Friend in heaven will be even more friendly and will reveal Himself to him more graciously than ever. You who have taken up His cross, don’t you know what your Master said? “I have come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against his mother . . . And a person’s enemies will be those of his own household.” Christ is the great Peacemaker; but before peace, He brings war. Where the light comes, the darkness must vanish. Where truth is, the lie must flee; or if it remains, there must be a stern conflict, for the truth cannot and will not lower its standard, and the lie must be trampled underfoot. If you follow Christ, you will have all the dogs of the world yelping at your heels. If you live in such a manner as to stand the test of the last judgment, you can depend upon it that the world will not speak well of you. He who has the friendship of the world is an enemy to God; but if you are true and faithful to the Most High, men will resent your uncompromising commitment, since it is a testimony against their iniquities. You must do the right and not fear the consequences. You will need the courage of a lion to pursue a course that turns your best friend into your fiercest foe; but for the love of Jesus you must take your stand. To risk reputation and affectation for the truth’s sake is so demanding that to do it constantly you will need a degree of moral principle that only the Spirit of God can work in you. Do not turn your back like a coward, but play the man. Follow boldly in your Master’s steps, for He has made this rough journey before you. Better a brief warfare and eternal rest than false peace and everlasting torment.

Spiritual Self

*I am a happy, healthy, productive, loving, confident person mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, financially and in my relationships and my body, mind, and spirit are totally aligned right now to lead me to and manifest all of my desires.

*The first thing I do when I get up in the morning is give thanks and turn my life over to God.

*Sandie, Daniel, Iszabella and I go to church once per week every week to give thanks and to listen to the word of the Lord.

*Sandie and I say evening prayers with the kids before bed and we pray before every meal.

*I read and absorb something from the Holy Bible daily.

*I am infinite and I am one with the God force.

*My inner awareness begins with the God force in me and expands outward.

*I have the courage to go beyond my ordinary, limited perceptions.

*I listen for and accept inner guidance from spirit.

*I accept negativity in my life only as a learning experience and I immediately transmute it into an opportunity for growth.

*I look beyond prevelant belief patterns and find my infinite good.

*I am committed to building my highest wisdom and power beyond the weakness of the ego.

*I am through conscious awareness of my destiny.

*I reclaim my power from the world and return it to the God force. My personal power grows through this discipline.

*My mind is centered and my mind is focused.

*What I believe I am I am.

*My word is law unto me.

*I find freedom through acceptance and detachment.

*I judge nothing, I quantify nothing.

*By holding on to nothing I have everything. Freedom is here now.

*I have no need to defend my will or force my views.

*I continuously purify myself of ego based limitations.

*I respect all living things – starting with my self and I acknowledge, their beauty, magnificence and origin daily.

*My power rises from within. I don’t need to push any situation. The appropriate outcome is always automatically drawn to me.

*My most powerful action is sometimes non action where I operate from a state of clear being rather than hectic doing.

*I dedicate my life to the sacred way.

*I have within me an abundance of inspiration and creative expression.

*I maintain a fresh, energized attitude toward life. I observe nature and align myself to it.

*I do not fear anything.

*My energy is my message. I don’t preach and I don’t seek followers.

*I am physically disciplined. I provide my body’s requirements for optimal condition.

*I am emotionally disciplined. I experience emotions and am able to release them immediately.
*I am mentally disciplined. I don’t let negativity and logic dominate my life and direction. My higher self always shines thru.

*I am spiritually disciplined. I acknowledge the source of my right and power regularly and often.

*The energy of the quest uplifts me and carries me forward on my path.

*A beneficent fusion of energies takes me beyond fear and difficulty into the realm of limitlessness.

*I accept for myself the ever-evolving, ever-unfolding path of the initiate which I travel with inner poise, power and peace.

*I am financially secure, emotionally even, physically fit, loving to my family and at peace with my Creator.

*God’s wealth and love is circulating in my life. His love flows to me in avalanches. All my needs, desires and goals are met instantaneously for I am one with God and God is everything.

*I am in constant contact through prayer and thankfulness with my Creator.

*I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

*I have relationships developed which I nurture with many great people all over the world who I learn from.

*This is a ricu universe. There is no glass ceiling in the sky. There are no limits to what I can achieve.

*I am enough.

*I invest time daily in personal prayer and reflection praising God for sending Jesus into the world to forgive me and bringing me into his presence.

*I invest time daily reading scripture and asking the Holy Spirit to write the word of the Lord on my heart.

*I examine my conscience daily and repent of anything that keeps me from knowing Gods love and reflecting that love bothers.

*The infinite spirit opens the way for my immediate supply. All that is mine by Divine right reaches me in great avalanches of abundance. The infinite spirit gives me definite leads and lets me know if there is anything for me to do.

*I am a 10% tither.

*I live each day as though it were my last so that when God calls me I am ready and prepared to go with a clean heart.

*I converse daily and openly with God.

*My mind and body – both conscious and sub conscious are totally aligned right now to lead me to and manifest all of my desires.

*I judge nothing that occurs.

*My relationship with my savior Jesus Christ is strengthening every day through my conversations with Him, my daily reading of His words and my visits to his house with my family on a regular basis.

*My genuine caring and love for people always shines through.

*I turn my life over to my father in heaven 1 st thing every morning and I keep my eyes, ears, heart and soul steadfast on what he wants for me.

*I inspire 100 people or more to read the Holy Bible from cover to cover at least once in their lifetime.

*I am building a home for habitat for humanity.

*God helps me to be hopeful.

*I am adopted in to God’s family because I acknowledge the insufficiency of my own efforts and embrace that Christ died for us.

*I rely on the Lord and I follow His plans.

*Thanksgiving and humility prepare me to receive.

*God uses adversity to develop our character and dependence upon Him.

*Lord, please reveal to me anything that hinders my receiving your best.

*O, Lord Jesus Christ, before ascending into heaven you promised to bend the Holy Spirit to finish your work in the souls of your Apostles and Disciples.

*Grant that I may be open to the work of that same spirit within me.

*Grant me the spirit of wisdom – that I may not be attached to the perishable things of this world but seek the things that are eternal.

*Grant me the spirit of understanding, to enlighten my mind with the light of your Divine truth.

*Grant me the spirit of right judgment – that I may choose the surest way of pleasing God.

*Grant me the spirit of courage – that I may bear my cross with you and that I may overcome all of the obstacles that oppose my salvation.

*Grant me the spirit of knowledge – that I may know God and know myself.

*Grant me the spirit of reverence – that I may find the service of God sweet and attractive.

*Grant me the spirit of wonder and awe – that I may be filled with loving, reverence towards God and may avoid anything that would displease Him.

*Mark me Dear Lord with the sign of your true Disciples and animate me in all things with your spirit.

*Seek and you shall find.

*Ask and you shall receive.

*I visit the cradle of humanity – the place where humanity started.

*I attend promise keepers conference.

*I attend Franciscan University in Ohio.

*I attend Lift Jesus High Rally.

*I subscribe to EWTN – Eternal World Television Network.

*I attend the Marriage Encounter with Sandie.

            Let us continue this fascinating journey together for we are all in the same family of God, as brothers and sisters, as children of God. Listen to the advice of the great Pope John Paul II, of happy memory:

“Let us go forth, full of trust in Christ,
He will accompany us as we journey
together toward the goal, that He alone knows.
Rise, let us be on His way (our way).”

Thank you for being you.


Guidelines for our journey:

  1. Regular attendance at Holy Mass

  2. Receiving Jesus Himself in the Eucharist

  3. Reading the Holy Bible – the Word of God

  4. Going to the Sacrament of Confession frequesntly

  5. Weekly Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

  6. Daily Prayers – the Holy Rosary; Liturgy of the Hours

  7. Silence and Meditation

  8. Reading and study of the Catechism and inspirational books

(eg. Lives of the Saints)

  1. Watching E.W.T.N. (394)  and Salt and Light (395) – Television

  2. Prayer group meetings; Life in the Spirit Seminars

  3. Retreat(s)

  4. Fasting and Almsgiving

  5. Encourage people daily

  6. Visit the sick and assist the poor

  7. Family Prayer “ Families that Pray together – stay together.”

  8. Spiritual Director to guide us

The Master Mind Principle
Your Master Mind Group

The Master Mind Principle is implemented through a MasterMind group.

A Master Mind group consists of two or more persons (two to six is ideal) who meet regularly in an atmosphere of trust and harmony for the purpose of providing mutual support and encouragement – and to believe for each other things which each, alone, may find difficult to conceive and believe for himself or herself.

A Master Mind group is not established so that individual members can solve each other’s problems. Rather, such a group is established to surrender to the Master Mind any problem areas, challenges, needs for healing, or any other positive desires of each member. When such requests are fully and properly made of the Master Mind, answers and solutions occur in a most amazing way.

Master Mind group meetings may be conducted in a home, a place of business, a church, or any other mutually agreed-upon location that provides a certain amount of quiet and privacy. Meetings should be limited to the intended purpose. It usually is sufficient to meet once a week.

Conduct your Master Mind meeting in the following manner:

Establish an atmosphere of excitement and expectation by opening with a brief period of sharing. This is a time for “progress reports,” in which group member share successes, goals achieved, or prayers answered.

One member serves as chairperson and opens the meeting by reminding the group of the presence of a Power greater than themselves waiting to respond to their needs in a focused, personal way . . . all they need to do is ask.

The chairperson then guides the group through the steps, one at a time. Each member responds aloud to each step, addressing the Master Mind in the presence of the group. The person serving as leader is responsible for keeping the group’s direction focused on its Master Mind purpose.

In Step 6 each member makes known his or her personal requests and receives, in the process, the full attention and support of every other member. As each person states his or her requests, other members respond, in turn, with an affirmation such as: “I know the Master Mind has heard you; and is providing you with what you have asked for.”
What is a Master Mind Partner?

  • A Master Mind partner is a person with whom you meet regularly in a spirit of harmony, trust, and love, and with whom you follow the prescribed steps into the Master Mind consciousness.A Master Mind partner listens attentively to the requests you make, and affirms his or her complete support for you to become and achieve all you have requested.


  • A Master Mind partner is, in a very real way, a member of a “support group” comprising the two or more people in the Master Mind group. Members of a Master Mind group choose the persons with whom they wish to be in partnership. All existing members of the group must agree upon admittance of any new partner.


  • A Master Mind partner is someone to call upon when support or guidance is needed. Master Mind partners remain in close contact with each other, either in person or by telephone. The knowledge that spiritual support is “as close as the telephone” can be a source of strength and comfort when a group member is experiencing difficulties. There also is joy being able to instantly share news of an answered prayer with one who understands and joins you in your spirit of gratitude. Master Mind partners listen and care; when necessary, they’ll conduct a Master Mind “meeting” with you via telephone.


  • A Master Mind Partnership is a community of equals. There is no established “leader.” Any of the partners may contact the other(s) regarding meeting time and location. During the Master Mind meeting itself, however, one partner should serve as chairperson to guide the others through the steps into the Master Mind consciousness.


  • A Master Mind partner respects confidentiality. Because of the closeness of a Master Mind alliance, deeply personal facts and feelings may sometimes be shared. Each member’s ability and willingness to honor those confidences is essential to maintain the spiritual bond between members and within the group.


  • A Master Mind partner believes in the miracle-working power of the Master Mind. He or she has experienced dramatic improvements in one or more areas of life – traceable directly to the power of the Master Mind.

The Apostle Paul Was A Master Minder

Will you be my prayer partners? . . .and because of your love for me – given to you by the Holy Spirit – pray much with me for my work. Then I will be able to come to you with a happy heart by the will of God, and we can refresh each other.

And now may our God, who gives peace, be with you all. Amen.
Romans 15:30, 32, 33

Eight Steps into the Master Mind Principle


I admit that, of myself, I am powerless to solve my problems, powerless to improve my life. I need help.


I come to believe that a power greater than myself – the Master Mind – can change my life.


I realize that erroneous self-defeating thinking is the cause of my problems, unhappiness, fears, and failures.


I make a decision to surrender my will and my life to the Master Mind. I asked to be changed at depth.


I forgive myself for all my mistakes and shortcomings. I also forgive all other persons who may have harmed me.

  1. I ASK

I make known my specific requests, asking my partners’ support in knowing that the Master Mind is fulfilling my needs.


I give thanks that the Master Mind is responding to my needs, and I assume the same feelings I would have if my requests were fulfilled.


I now have a covenant in which it is agreed that the Master Mind is supplying me with an abundance of all things necessary to live a successful and happy life.

I dedicate myself to be of maximum service to God and those around me; to live in a manner that sets the highest example for others to follow; and to remain responsive to God’s guidance.

I go forth with a spirit of enthusiasm, excitement, and expectancy.

I am at peace.

both invisible
and visible.
One Presence.
One Mind,
One Power
is all.
This One that is all
is Perfect Life,
Perfect Love
and Perfect Substance.
I am
an individualized expression
of God.
I am ever one with
this Perfect Life,
Perfect Love
and Perfect Substance.