Summer 2020 is well underway, and it's been... different to say the least.

Many popular vacation spots, if open, are operating at reduced capacity and have changed up how things are run. This, along with travel restrictions across the globe, has altered many vacation plans.

So when you can't catch a baseball game, get a camping spot, or spend the day at your favourite beach, here are some other budget-friendly ideas.


🌴 7 Vacation 'Substitutions'

1. Wilderness Camping - If you always enjoyed camping but couldn't get a spot, maybe this is the year to try wilderness camping. There are two great options (and beginners guides): backcountry canoeing or backcountry camping.

2. Picnic at the Park. Don't make it bland; make it grand! Pack along the BBQ, games like Volleyball and Bocce Ball, and (if your region permits) invite some family or friends.

3. Be a Local Tourist. You'd be surprised at how many things there are to see and do in your hometown, from quaint local shops to historical destinations. Sound too dull for the kids? photo scavenger hunt.

4. Go Tubing. Buy a couple of inflatable tubes and head to the local river. Finish with a BBQ to make it an unforgettable day. Just be sure you aren't trespassing and are tubing in a safe, calm river.

5. Geocaching. Change a simple hike into a treasure hunt. Geocaching is a great way to get kids of all ages excited about getting outdoors. Learn all about it and how even to start your own geocache here.

6. Learn Something New. Many of us have a list of things we've always wanted to try, like how to smoke the perfect brisket or paint a modern masterpiece. Why not take the vacation days you have saved up, find a class online, and finally learn it! Here's a great place to start looking for your topic.

7. Staycation. Yes, I know. To some, staying at home doesn't sound like a vacation, but it depends on how you spend it. Try actually relaxing - read that book you've always promised yourself you'd get to, engage in local activities like golf or the local farmers market, eat out at a local restaurant. Staycations can be the ultimate relaxation and can save you hundreds of dollars

⛺️ The Ultimate Staycation

"My husband and I were introduced to the 'staycation' by friends of ours. I have no idea why we never considered this before! It's now our favourite way to spend vacation time together. Not only do we save hundreds of dollars on travel and lodging, but we also feel rejuvenated at the end - no feeling we need a vacation after our vacation." - Anonymous

What's a staycation? It's "a period in which an individual or family stays home and participates in leisure activities within driving distance of their home and does not require overnight accommodation." (Wikipedia)

Benefits of a staycation are different depending on what you like, but here are a few reasons people love them:

·        Save money on accommodations and travel.
·        No pressure - if you don't feel like doing anything, then don't!
·        No packing, or better yet no unpacking.
·        You can catch up on some at-home projects OR just relax.
·        You get to sleep in your own bed.
·        You support your local economy.

So what's the best way to plan a staycation?

1. Have a Goal. If you're married and have kids, start by deciding if you want this to be quality time with your partner, the whole family, or both. Haven't had some 1-on-1 time in a while? See if the kids can go to friends/family for a couple of nights of your staycation.

2. Plan Activities. Let everyone who is going to be a part of the staycation help decide. Try to pick activities everyone enjoys, or if that's too difficult, take turns. Selections could be something active from playing golf to more laid back like enjoying a drink in the backyard - without interruptions (Parents, you know what I mean 😉).

3. Set the Date, book time off, and enjoy! If you work from home, be sure to set up your email and work phone as if you were leaving the country for your vacation. Remember this is a staycation - not a workcation.

📚Additional Resources

1.   Need some staycation ideas to get you started? Here's a list of 30 to get you started.
2.   Learn something new, and for free! From cooking, exercise to gardening here, these are 11 courses you can take online from the comfort of your home.
3.   Want to explore somewhere new? Virtual field trips are now a thing! Here are 5 Canadian 'field trips', and here's an extensive list of 40 different locations around the world that you can view from your own home.

A vacation helps to relieve stress and boredom, gives us a change of scenery, provides us with adventure, and helps to bring us closer to the people in our lives.”
- E. S. Woods
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