Worry Free Listing

• Flexible Commissions

We have several different commission options to choose from. Select the one that best fits your needs. We give you every opportunity to save money. No other agent offers this program.

• Cancel Anytime Listing

Either you or I can cancel by calling and saying "I want to cancel the listing." It's that simple. The cancellation becomes effective at the time you call. Please allow us 24 hours to have the sign removed and the listing withdrawn from the Multiple Listing Service.

• Sell it yourself while listed and pay nothing

Leverage your network.

• No advance fees of any kind

You only pay if I procure an offer that is acceptable to you.


We take your privacy seriously.
Your personal information is collected to send you the additional information that you requested about the real estate, mortgage, and affiliated products and services. If we cannot provide a product or service it may be provided by another agent or broker. For details please see the real estate marketing website privacy policy.